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Driver training COVID-19 Update

Update - 3 Nov 2020 - Driver Training is currently on hold until the restrictions change.  If you are a new member and would like to get onto the list for the next Driver Training event please contact the Driver Training Coordinator.  As we currently have a waiting list, please do not wait until the restrictions are lifted to make contact, as we will only be allowed to run with restricted numbers. 

All aspects of Driver Training and the processes used have been reviewed and reorganized to ensure training standards are maintained whilst meeting the standards required to ensure your safety.  As of the 1st Jun 2020 we are authorized to proceed with training.  Included with this are several requirements.  Those include:-

  • All training is conducted in accordance with the approved Nissan 4x4 Club Vic COVID-19 Driver Training Plan,
  • The total numbers involved with the training and in the locations are no greater than 10 people,
  • Showers and other bathroom areas, other than toilets, remain closed, and
  • Shared cooking facilities are not used.  
Please follow this link to see the Nissan 4x4 Club Vic COVID-19 Driver Training Plan

Driver training

The initial aim of the club is to ensure that all members are proficient 4 wheel drivers. To assist in this end, our club has a driver education program for new members. The training is run by our own qualified training team. The team members are very experienced members of the club in touring, and offroading in general. They are there to help people become familiar with their vehicle, with safe four wheel driving techniques, with the various equipment that is available, and to promote responsible bush driving and touring.

Our other aim is to enable people to gain the knowledge and confidence in all aspects of four wheel driving to travel safely and be prepared.

This training is included in your membership fees. Private courses similar to the one provided by our fully accredited training team, may cost hundreds of dollars.

The Driver Education Program is held as a weekend course at the Club Property and these are some of the points that the course includes:    Emergency Stopping

  • Ascending and Descending Steep Hills
  • Recovery Procedures
  • Safety aspects of Vehicle Packing
  • General Tips and Techniques
  • Correct Preparation for Water Hazards
  • Correct Use of Communications Equipment
  • Use and Care of Recovery Equipment

What do I need to bring?

  • Your 4wd. It can be standard just out of showroom. If concerned, please contact trainers.
  • Your club badge.
  • UHF radio and mobile phone. You can borrow a club UHF radio, contact the trainers or equipment officer.
  • Basic camping gear: Chair, cutlery, torch, seasonal clothing, drinking water for 2 days, etc. Wandarrah has a fire pit, hot-plate, kitchen sink, flushing toilets and showers.
  • Food: Breakfast, dinner, snacks and drinks.
  • Camper, caravan, tent or swag. Let us know how much space you need for camper or caravan.
  • Notepad, pen and water bottle.
  • If you have a tow hitch, bring the pin along.
  • Other items highlighted by trainers.
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