Here you will find some examples of videos and recordings that we have done when out doing what we enjoy. On this page alone do not intend to publish all that we do, but rather provide a small introduction of the types of things we do and occasionally we aim to update the content here. That said, the club operates a YouTube channel and we encourage you to also have a look there as it certainly will have a lot more of video content that what is captured here! You can find the club YouTube channel here:

Below we have included a few video's to give you an introduction and impression of what we do. 

Introduction to the Nissan 4x4 Club of Victoria

A longer introduction to the Nissan 4x4 Club Of Victoria

This is a lengthy video that the club has used as a marketing video on various 4x4 shows and events. We typically put this video on loop as it is lengthy (+2 hours!) and covers anything from introduction to the club, the club property, club trips as well as a number of short interviews with members about the club experience. We hope you find this of interest and as always, please feel free to email us if you have any questions about the club or joining us. 

Club driver training at the club's bush property

Club trip to Portland, Victoria

Club trip to the Limestone Coast, South Australia

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